Weishuang Linda Xu 许蔚爽

weishuangxu [at] g.harvard.edu

Beginning Fall 2021, I will be a postdoc at UC Berkeley, at the Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics.

I'm a physicist specializing in the fields of particle theory and cosmology. I'm broadly interested in what cosmology and astrophysics can teach us about new particles and interactions. I hold a PhD in Physics from Harvard, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Physics along with minors in Astronomy and Music from MIT.

My CV can be found here.

Recent Activity:

  • Summer 2021 I am giving talks at DPF 21, Cosmology From Home, and the CMB-S4 collaboration meeting
  • July, 2021 New paper: “Cosmological Constraints on Light (but Massive) Relics ” with Julian Munoz and Cora Dvorkin
  • May, 2021 Life update: I received my PhD
  • Spring 2021 I gave seminars at the OSU, Cornell, SLAC, UMass Amherst
  • April, 2021 New paper: “The Swapland” with a multitude of distinguished co-authors
  • January, 2021 Life update: I've accepted a postdoctoral position at the BCTP!
  • Fall 2020 I gave seminars at UIUC, UC San Diego, BSM PANDEMIC, UMD, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, Perimeter, KICP, and TRIUMF
  • October, 2020 New paper: “A Closer Look at CP-Violating Higgs Portal Dark Matter as a Candidate for the GCE” with fellow students Katherine Fraser and Aditya Parikh