Weishuang Linda Xu 许蔚爽

weishuangxu [at] g.harvard.edu

Beginning Fall 2021, I will be a postdoc at UC Berkeley, at the Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics.

I'm a Physics Ph.D. student at Harvard University, specializing in the fields of particle theory and cosmology. I'm broadly interested in what cosmology and astrophysics can teach us about new particles and interactions. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Physics along with minors in Astronomy and Music from MIT.

My CV can be found here.

Recent Activity:

  • January, 2021 I'm giving an invited seminar at the CCAPP
  • January, 2021 Life update: I've accepted a postdoctoral position at the BCTP!
  • December, 2020 I gave invited seminars at Perimeter, KICP, and TRIUMF
  • November, 2020 I gave invited talks/seminars at BSM PANDEMIC, UMD, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Irvine
  • October, 2020 New paper: “A Closer Look at CP-Violating Higgs Portal Dark Matter as a Candidate for the GCE” with fellow students Katherine Fraser and Aditya Parikh
  • October, 2020 I gave invited seminars at UIUC and UC San Diego